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UXCG is a free tool that allows you to look at the most popular issues in product and project management from the perspective of cognitive science and behavioral economics.
Consider this tool as "Stackoverflow" for managers. Just instead of people's opinions, here we have 896 examples of how to approach abstract, management-specific problems scientifically, away from personal opinion and closer to the science and data.
How to use UXCG
Find the question that you're interested in (manually or via search). Read the answer of how a specific bias addresses your question. Since you fully understand how you have this question, you can simulate the answer with the actual situation. This tool is not providing you with solutions because each situation is unique, and for an exact, proper solution, there are hundreds and thousands of factors to consider. This tool allows you to see the paths that you haven't seen before and act more confident, as you're backed by science.
You can find the article describing this tool [How to use cognitive biases in product management and UX design], and another one explaining how we built this tool (geek content) [How UX Core Guide was built].
To use UXCG offline please visit the page "Using UXCG in Education". You can also download printable version of all UXCG questions by clicking here.
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Questions related to in-house team members cooperation (product, development teams and others).
Questions related to product development stage (from concept to first public release).
Questions related to sales, marketing funnels, prospects and leads communication, and overall product packaging.
Questions related to user interaction with actual product and its features.
Questions related to product analytical data analysis.
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