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Wolf Alexanyan – Product manager. Cognitive science enthusiast.
Architect of cyber intelligence systems, digital forensics labs, multi-factor biometric authentication systems, ERP/CRPs, and many other high-impact solutions.

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product at The Software Development Company. Principal Consultant at a special unit working on governmental projects in the Middle East.

About the project

Hi. You're in a good place.
This project is my knowledge contribution to the society in which I spent years with zero commercial interest. Here I write articles and build exotic tools related to different aspects of management discipline.
If you want to contribute your time - DM me on LinkedIn.
Management Tools contain various tools and articles related to the project, product, and company management.
Product Management section consists of two tools and articles describing those tools.
The first tool is the UX Core. It is a first-of-its-kind tool that has become popular in product management communities worldwide. It consists of 105 hands-on examples of cognitive biases used in modern software development and tips on how to use those for better management of product teams. The UX Core article will explain the importance and the way of using the errors of our brains (cognitive biases) in developing solutions for modern software products and team management.
The second tool is UX Core Guide (UXCG). UXCG is a free tool that allows you to look at the most popular product and project management issues from the perspective of cognitive science and behavioral economics. It helps you see the paths you haven't seen before and act more confident, as you're backed by science. You can find a more specific tool description in the UXCG article.
Then there’s UX Core Persona (UXCP) – a tool that allows you to build up a virtual entity (one person or a group of people) by adding biases that you believe the entity is more prone to. Then the system will show real-time insights highlighting the most vital issues you should consider at each stage of your project. UXCP introduction article on medium.
The storyline behind UX Core is that technology should help people do what people naturally do. Using technology to build a successful product means that it corresponds to natural human behavior. The natural and often hidden behavior of a person, the most accessible to the majority's understanding, is documented in UX Core.
Project management section consists of articles that are structured in a way that makes the best sense when read in the presented sequence. By hovering over the article title, you can see what questions it answers.
Instead of reading speed, it is better to focus on a deep understanding of the material. Therefore, spending 2-3 days researching each article is recommended.
The Company Management section consists of a complete description of a modular management framework for remote-first software development companies. The framework was designed specifically for The Software Development Company, and after release made it the first company in the country that opened its internal structure and processes to the public.
The Web3 Fundamentals is a link to the Trello board created in late December 2021. The purpose of the board is to explain the Web3 concept and lower the Web3 space entry-level for the users of Web2 (regular Web). There I put the most vital information needed for anyone interested in the future of the Web.